Saturday, April 14, 2012

BusinessInsider: 8 Mind Games That Recruiters Play During Interviews

8 Mind Games That Recruiters Play During Interviews

1.    They will pause for an awkward silence just to get you talking
2.    They'll ask you specific questions about your former boss — like ask you to spell his or her name —  to get you in honesty mode
3.    They'll leave out parts of questions to see how you'll finish answering
4.    They judge you by your pronoun usage
5.    They'll listen closely for your adverb usage — since low performers use 40 percent more adverbs than high performers
6.    They'll listen to your verb tense when you answer a question — since high performers respond more frequently in the past tense
7.    They'll see if you converse in the active voice
8.    They'll listen to see how often you use the words "always" and "never." Low performers use absolutes 100 percent more often than high performers