Saturday, April 14, 2012

BusinessInsider: 17 Tips On Becoming A Charismatic Leader

17 Tips On Becoming A Charismatic Leader
1.       You don't have to be the most attractive person in the room
2.       Make people feel like they're the most intelligent, impressive and fascinating person in the room
3.       To make someone feel as if they're the only person that matters, do these three things during conversations:
a.       Lower the intonation of your voice at the end of sentences.
b.      Reduce how quickly and often you nod.
c.       Pause for two full seconds before speaking
4.       Your presence should always be present
5.       Think of something pleasant so you appear to be sincere
6.       To appear more open and inviting, rise if you're sitting to be similar heights and keep your hands out of you pockets when you shake someone's hand
7.       Make sure you have the right handshake
8.       Become an excellent listener by deliberately pausing and asking question
9.       Choose your seat carefully around a table
10.   Don't compare yourself to others
11.   Combine your power with warmth to create a full, charismatic package
12.   Don't let self-doubt affect your persona
13.   Recognize what the problems are and fix them. For example, if you're wearing clothes that are too tight, it will physically show that you're uncomfortable, but your companions will think you appear disengaged and untruthful
14.   When you're dealing with a difficult group of people, divide them up, then conquer
15.   Make time to warm-up before a big event
16.   Intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can deal with internal discomfort more effectively
17.   Know that there are different charisma styles
a.       Focus. This style is based on the perception of presence. Adopt this when you want people to feel like they're the only ones in the room with you
b.      Visionary. This kind of style makes other people feel inspired and appearance matters far less than with any other style.
c.       Kindness. This kind of charisma comes from body language and is based mostly on warmth. However, if you don't combine this with some authoritative skills, you'll come off as too overeager to please.
d.      Authority. This is the most powerful charisma style of them all and those who acquire it are not likeable all the time. We evaluate this power through four indicators: body language, appearance, title and reactions of others.