Saturday, October 27, 2012

Agile Academy Kanban

  • Not timeboxed
  • Focussed on the flow of work, removing sources of variability  
  • Work is pulled from the back of the flow (rather than pushed from the front)
  • WIP == limits how much work can be in any one flow state at a point in time.
    • Encourages"swarming‟ around roadblocks to ensure removed ASAP
  • "Lead time‟ == Measurement of flow (instead of Velocity )
    • Cumulative Flow Diagrams and Variability Diagrams track progress (rather than Burn Up or Down charts)  
  • Work broken down to roughly similar size.  
  • Tracks flow of stories and associated "epic" ("minimum marketable feature") 
  • Embedded process for handling:
    • expedited items 
    • fixed delivery dates
    • work type splitting (e.g. enhancements, production defects, and text changes) 
  • Slack deliberately encouraged to allow for CI to process to be identified/actioned 
  • Prioritisation of backlog performed just in time