Sunday, July 15, 2012


Testing REST with BDD
Brian Sletten 

The move to a good REST API yields an explosive combination of options due to content-negotiation and arbitrary workflows. At the same time, the uniform interface you project (representations, how you respond to verbs, response codes, etc.) becomes your contract with your clients. The API itself becomes a completely transportable, reusable bit of organizational knowledge when done well. Testing it sufficiently will give you a safety net but may drive you crazy unless you do it right. We will walk through the use of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) to test these kinds of APIs.

We will highlight the problems of sufficiently testing REST APIs while providing a rich and relatively straight-forward solution to the problem. We will use a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) tool like Cucumber to establish reusable steps and comprehensive, but lightweight testing strategies for testing REST APIs.

How to sell BDD to the business
Dan North


I don't care how you do it - I just want it better, faster and cheaper and I don't want you to keep bugging me

How do you present the benefits case of BDD to a sceptical, time-starved, budget-focused business sponsor? When we talk about Writing software that matters it is from the perspective of the business as much as anybody else.

Software delivery shouldn't be a zero sum game where you have to choose between writing quality software, showing bottom line results and having fun. In this talk, Dan shares his experiences of introducing BDD and Agile principles to senior stakeholders and business executives. Download the slides here:

Blog: BDD for secure REST APIs using cucumber, pickle, and rack-test