Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DevOps Reading/Viewing

Velocity 2010: Tom Cook, "A Day in the Life of Facebook Operations" [YouTube]

HipHop for PHP
300+TB live data in RAM
Linux (CentOS 5)
Enigineering + Operations (no QA)
·         Engineers write, test, an deploy their own code
o   Quickly make performance decisions
o   Expose changes to subset of real traffic
·         No ‘commit and quit’
·         Deeply involved in moving services to production
·         Ops ‘embedded’ into engineering teams
o   Help make architecture decisions
o   Better understand needs of product
o   Interface with other ops teams
·         Change logging – log all code changes
Small teams

Facebook has over 60,000 servers:

InfoQ: Infrastructure as Code [InfoQ]
Panel: Theo Schlossnagle – OmniTI; Luke Kanies – Puppet Labs; Adam Jacob – Opscode; Erik Troan – rPath

Infrastructure Automation with Opscode Chef [pdf]
Joshua Timberman (Opscode, Inc.), Adam Jacob (Opscode), Christopher Brown (Opscode),Aaron Peterson (Opscode, Inc.), Matt Ray (Opscode), Seth Chisamore (Opscode, Inc.)

The 7 levels of continuous integration