Monday, June 13, 2011

Yow night – 12 Agile Adoption Failure Modes

Jean Tabaka

Rally: Tim Miller, Ryan Martins
Most orgs have suicidal tendencies
It’s about caring for your world
David Snowden sense making – failure stories are most powerful
Agile helps me be a better me/artist – create your own reality

  1. Checkbook commitment
    1. Unengaged – just do it
  2. Culture that doesn’t support change
    1. “Follow the plan”
    2. Need to change the metrics
    3. Best practices… good practices… emergent practices
    4. Standard of work enforced
                                                               i.      Governance = conformance
                                                             ii.      Standard of work is static
                                                            iii.      Cross-org uniform
                                                           iv.      Detailed documentation security blanket
                                                             v.      PMO as enforcers
  1. Ineffective use of retrospectives
    1. “This sucks” threshold  – if nothing’s gonna change, why bother?
    2. Should ask:
                                                               i.      What are we doing well?
                                                             ii.      What’s not serving us as a team?
                                                            iii.      What would we change to improve?
    1. No retrospective
    2. There is absolutely nothing wrong
    3. No action
  1. Stable environment?
  2. TANSTAAFL – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch
    1. Will work for infrastructure
  3. Lack of full planning participation
    1. Waiting for decisions = waste
    2. Conversation
    3. Unavailable product owner
    4. Too many product owners
    5. Too busy for all the communicating
    6. Product owner = hardest role. What does product owner get out of it?
    7. Commitment with team
  4. Bad scrum masters
    1. Command and control
                                                               i.      Telling people what to do = Low morale and lower IQs
                                                             ii.      Cognitive abilities approve the more decisions we make
    1. Servant Leader
                                                               i.      Serve and facilitate
                                                             ii.      Remove impediments
  1. Not having an onsite evangelist
  2. Team lacking
    1. Red tape decisions
    2. Not forming, storming, norming, performing
  3. Testing not pulled forward
    1. Pushed to deliver
    2. Increased defects
    3. Failure-demand work vs value-demand work
    4. Piled up trash
    5. Stop the line
  4. Traditional performance appraisals
    1. Manager’s yearly evaluation
    2. Individual heroics rewarded – holds back agile success
    3. Frequent team evaluation
  5. Reverting to form
    1. Change is hard

“Drive” Daniel Pink