Saturday, February 20, 2010

Questions for new Agile teams

BA/Product Owner
How will you split down the story cards?
How do you determine which has highest business value?
How do you plan to divide work into thin slices along lines that maximise the rapid delivery of business value?
How will you get and keep customers interested in trailling your product?

What Agile development practices will you use?
 - Bob Martin: The suite of technical practices that should be added (to Scrum) probably include: TDD,
Continuous Integration, Acceptance Testing, Pair Programming, Refactoring.
How will you introduce Agile development practices?

Are you prepared to invest time to see the practices take effect?
Schwaber estimates that 75% of organisations using Scrum will not succeed in making better software due to the higher degree of control, risk management, and transparency required to use Scrum successfully.